The Life of Israel and the Life of Jesus
Joe Leach – November 2023

This week, we kicked off our new preaching series where we are going to be moving, fairly speedily, through the Gospel of Matthew. I explained that the plan is build the series around the five blocks of teaching that Jesus gives throughout the book whilst also having a few weeks on the Christmas story to start, and a few weeks on the Easter story to end.

Here is a little more detail on how it will plan out…

As part of the sermon on Sunday, I briefly mapped out how the life of Jesus tracks along with the life of the people of Israel throughout the Hebrew Bible. This work is not, by any means, original to me. Peter Leithart is the scholar who has done A LOT of work to draw this out in his mega, two-volume publication The Gospel of Matthew Through New Eyes: Jesus as Israel. It was highlighted to me in the way that I presented it at a conference on the book of Matthew by Andrew Wilson. Of course, it was Matthew himself who wrote the Gospel in such a way to highlight the parallels so clearly and it was God himself who orchestrated all of time and history to make the parallels in the first place.

Anyhow, a number of people have asked to see the chart again and so here it is.* Check it out and be in awe of both the beauty of Scripture, and the majesty and providence of God Almighty to use history itself to glorify the Son.

* This is taken directly from the THINK Theology Conference 2023, as presented by Andrew Wilson.