Students and

Young Adults


Grace Church loves students and young adults, they are the future of the church in our area, nation and throughout the world.  We love to nurture, develop and disciple them into maturity through a range of serving and leadership opportunities that offer spiritual and practical applications to their lives.

Students and Young Adults at Grace, also known as ‘YA’, is our group for anyone aged between 18 and 30 to join with others in their age-group for fun, food , fellowship and discipleship.

YA meets fortnightly during University term-time on Sunday evenings either at the Grace Centre or at a local home for a home-cooked meal, enjoyed in relaxed surroundings, whilst taking the opportunity to discuss issues and topics affecting students and young adults in a Christian context.   All YA members are encouraged to actively engage with the life of Grace Church by attending Sunday morning and evening meetings, joining local life groups, whilst also serving at events and activities throughout church life (and there is plenty to get involved in).

YA also takes part in wider church network activities, including the Commission CST (Commission Students to Thirties) event which is running in November 2023, it is an excellent contemporary event with churches from across the Commission UK family.