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Good News

April 28, 2024 - May 19, 2024

It is clear throughout the Bible that God wants his people to tell the world about him. That, probably for multiple reasons, doesn’t generally sound like good news. That might, in part, be because of things like insecurities, or fear of failure, or cultural sensitivity. But the main thing that makes the idea of sharing the Good News feel like bad news is because we have a wrong view of God. God is not some kind of distant, power-hungry, demanding divinity but is a self-giving Saviour who longs to fill the earth with his joy, beauty, and truth. God does not need us to spread the Good News (that will happen with or without us) but he does choose to invite us into what he is doing to bless the world we live in. Through this series, we want to help people to grasp that it is enjoying God and his Good News more that will help us to declare God and his Good News more; and ultimately, realise that it is not bad news that God has given us a mission to share the Good News. The gospel is good. And it is news (to be shared). It is Good News.

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