Men and Women
of Grace


Groups for Men and Women at Grace Church

As you will see the majority of activities at Grace Church are for everyone to attend, but we also have some specific groups to meet the discipleship and social needs of specific groups, consider Our Youth group, Young Adults, Tuesday group and many others.  In the same way we believe that there is a place and need for specific men’s and women’s groups as well.  We call these ‘Men of Grace’ and ‘Women of Grace’

The Men of Grace team aims to provide a programme of events and activities that encourages  participation discipleship opportunities, giving space for men across all of our sites to get to know each other as they take part in quiz nights, BBQ’s, countryside walks and breakfast meetings.

Similarly, Women of Grace meet up to three times a year, gathering around an activity that they, as a group have chosen.  This may be a breakfast event, craft afternoon, coastal walk or just a time to come together to talk about what it means to be a woman in the church.

Every man and woman attending these groups are encouraged not just to come on their own, but also to bring a non-Christian friend or family member along to enjoy time together.  Often these events include a time for sharing of a testimony or gospel teaching to help all who attend to find, grow or deepen in their faith in Jesus Christ.