Grace Church @ Commission Festival


What’s happening this year?

From midday on Thursday 22nd August (when gates open) through to the Bank Holiday Monday morning, 26th August (when we pack up and leave), there is so much happening, including the following:

  • Daily worship and teaching sessions (morning and evening)
  • Seminar programme with a wide range of themes and topics
  • Full kids and youth programmes
  • Late night worship
  • Sports and recreation events
  • A range of family fun festival activities
  • A market place with coffee shops, food vendors, exhibitions and stalls

The detailed programme of events is yet to be published, but if you would like to find answers to questions visit

Last year the Commission team released a smartphone app for the event, which is still available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it will be updated with the 2024 programme closer to the event.


The Bath and West Showground

The Showground, Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN

Details of which gate to arrive at for the start of the event will be shared when it’s made available to us.


What’s what on the Grace Church Site?

Don’t forget though, it’s not all about the Commission programme, we also do a lot together as Grace Church as well, all centred around our zone within the festival campsite.

 As in previous years we will have the following facilities available to us all

A Large Marquee

Open all day for you to come and relax in.  Our Marquee will be your local hub for our times together from enjoying a free cooked breakfast, sheltering from sunshine (or showers), enjoying your evening meal, grabbing a drink or cake, to sharing fun activities after the evening meetings.  This will be your home from home.

We always try to make the marquee an extra special place to spend your spare time, so if you have a flair for interior design, why not sign up for the ‘marquee décor’ serving team.

A constant supply of hot water and refreshments

Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are constantly available throughout the day for you to come and enjoy.  We have a team supporting this area from breakfast time, through to to lights-out time (excluding main meeting times), so there will always be someone on hand to help and chat.

A refrigerator for medicines and specialist food items

As a church we will be using a large refrigerator trailer for our communal foodstuffs.  However, we also provide a domestic fridge for small personal items.  We just ask that you label anything you put inside to avoid any confusion over ownership and responsibility.

Device charging station

The power point for all your smart devices….just bring your USB cables and plug them in . Please note: the charging stations have USB-A (rectangular) sockets, so if you’re a USB C or Lightning Cable user, you will need to make sure you have an appropriate cable or adapter to use this facility.  

We also have regular extension sockets available for those devices that need more than USB.

A microwave or two

…because sometimes the camping stove just isn’t the right tool for the job!

Games and sports equipment

We take a range of sports and games equipment with us, so if you fancy a bit of table-tennis, volleyball, Kubbe, a parachute game with the kids, or some more cerebral card or box games, we’re likely to have something for you.  Many people also bring their own games and a late evening game of ‘Settlers’ still seems to be a firm favourite of the Grace Church tribe!

Food at the Festival

As you know Grace Church loves a good meal, and at the festival we take the opportunity to eat together in a variety of ways.

A free breakfast will be served in the marque every morning. The ever popular cooked breakfast rolls will be back this year (catering for all foodie types), along with a range of favourite breakfast cereals.

*** New for 2024 *** Evening meals each day (a small cover charge applies). Those of you who have been away with us on our summer festival events before will know all about the epic Grace Church BBQ during the weekend. It’s definitely the foodie highlight of our weekend together.

This year for the first time, in addition to the free BBQ, we will also be catering some simple home-cooked meals to enjoy before the evening meetings. We are still working on our menu, but we’re likely to include many firm favourites (think Chilli-Con-Carne, chicken and pasta, sausage casserole with alternative versions for those with particular dietary requirements).

All meals will be prepared from scratch in the Grace Centre kitchen before the event, frozen and then cold-stored in our refrigerated trailer on site. Meals will be appropriately and safely re-heated on site, with accompanying rice, pasta and breads prepared freshly on site.

All meals will be suitable for people with wheat and dairy allergies, with GF and Dairy free pasta and bread available for those who require it.

Those wishing to participate in our evening meal plan can sign up through our information gathering form (which you should complete asap please) and we will send you a meal booking form to complete for yourselves. The cost of the evening meal plan (i.e. the package of all three meals) will be £10 for adults (18+), £7.50 for youth (10+) and £5 for children (4-9), with those aged 3 and under eating for free.

Lunch times will be a self-catered, BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch) affair. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the treats on offer in the festival food zone (Greek, Fish and Chips, Burgers, Hotdogs, Ice Cream and Donuts!), grab a group of friends and Grace Group members for a shared meal, or just to indulge in a pot-noodle! (guilty pleasures permitted when camping!). It’s particularly good when campers look after our day visitors at meal times, so make those invitations as soon as possible.

And of course, Grace Church loves cakes – If you would like to bake cakes for general consumption in the marquee, please bake away and bring them down with you.


Getting ‘stuff’ there and back again.

As usual, we will be organizing a couple of large vans to travel between Chichester, the showground and back again taking tents, camping equipment and other luggage that you can’t fit in your car.

This is a free service and we are happy to take anything (within reason!) for you.

Note: No bikes or e-scooters are permitted at the event so please don’t bring them.

Luggage can be dropped off between 6:00pm and 7:30pm on Tuesday 20th August at the Grace Centre rear car park and can be collected from the same place after the festival on Monday 26th August (you must collect your belongings the same day as the office is likely to be closed the following day). Collection times after the event will be dependent on traffic on the return journey from Shepton Mallett. 



Getting people there and back



It’s so important that we get you to there and back too! Most years there are normally people among us that need a lift to and from the event. If anyone has space to take a passenger, please let us know through the form that you will complete after reading this email, likewise if you a need a lift, you can also request this through the form.




Serving with us at the festival

In common with most of the events we run as a church, we need a team of volunteers to help our festival experience to run well. Whether you’re adept at pitching tents, enjoy feeding and welcoming people, or simply love to help things run smoothly, we need your gifts and talents to help us do things well. Regardless of whether you’re staying on-site or off, it would be great if you were able to serve in some capacity within our site.

Don’t forget that serving is also great way of getting to know people from across Grace Church sites and Beacon Church. The information gathering form gives you an opportunity to indicate where you would like to serve.


Children and young people

The Commission Festival is a family friendly event! We want everyone to fully enjoy it. There are separate children’s groups each morning and as previously mentioned we will also be making our own entertainment at times. This will include a range of games and activities suitable for children, young people and everyone else! In the afternoons there are loads of activities planned around in the showground that are suitable for all. Including children and adults sports where we compete in tournaments against other churches to varying degrees of success.

We recommend that all parents encourage their children and young people to go to every meeting for their age group. It’s amazing what God can achieve in our kids’ lives over a weekend!

For everyone’s safety and maximum enjoyment during the festival, we ask parents to supervise their children and young people whilst they make the most of the event. If they use any of the games and sports equipment available on our site please make sure they are packed away once they have finished with them and left ready for everyone to have fun.

To ensure your child’s safety it is paramount that you know your child’s whereabouts throughout the weekend and particularly in the evening, so with that in mind please do not retire to your tent without them. 



Getting a Good Night’s Sleep



With so much going on around the festival site in the evenings you may be concerned about getting enough sleep or settling your children down. We know this can be problematic on campsites, but please don’t panic – there is a curfew across the whole festival site so we can all get some well-deserved and much needed sleep. At 11pm everything is shut down (except the loos of course!). Everyone is responsible for keeping the noise to a minimum after this time and making sure they and their families are tucked up in bed. We do understand that babies and young children may cry after this time and that’s fine. Many of us have been there before so please don’t worry! If you find that getting up and moving around it better for your situation, the festival zone hosts a night-owl room available with comfy furniture, drinks and toast making facilities available for those who are unable to sleep.

Now it’s your turn…we need some information from you 



To help us make Grace Church @ Commission Festival run smoothly we need some information from you!

Please go back to the email that linked you to this webpage and then click the ‘Information Gathering Form’ link, to provide us with your details.

The information you provide will help to ensure that we are able to delight as many people with their experience of Grace Church at the Commission Festival this year.

If you have any questions about the form or any general questions about Grace Church @ CommFest that you need answering, please reply to the email or contact the Grace Church Office office on 01243 778500.

Many thanks for reading, please complete the form asap and we look forward to spending time with you at the Commission Festival this year.